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Rooms and Rates at HostalDeSammy
Hostal de Sammy has ten bedrooms and 33 beds. Sammy does not have those tiny, narrow beds that are so commonly used for single beds in hostals. While most of the private rooms have large beds suitable for two people, even the dorm beds are twin size so you'll be comfortable no matter where you sleep. Also, every bed in the house contains a spring mattress. Sammy does not use foam mattresses, a way that some places like to cut corners at the sake of your comfort. Even though for the most part there are only two types of rooms, private and dorm, we have several different options available to our guests. Here is how the rooms are broken up:

Private Bedroom
Private Rooms
Four rooms are private, all with a queen-size bed (extra beds can be added to meet demand), and have as well as the essential furniture including a closet with drawers, small dresser, desk and office chair, and bookshelf. Bunk beds may be put in rooms to accommodate groups of 3 or more people. There are no rooms with private bathrooms in the house.
Shared Dorm Bedroom
Dorm Rooms
There are 5 shared dorm rooms with 4 to 8 beds in each room. Every bed has a twin-size spring mattress. For the dorms we have large metal lockers for every guest. Entire dorm rooms may be reserved for groups of four to six people, depending on the size of the dorm.
Small Dorm Room
The table below shows daily rates of most of the options available however groups can incur further discounts.
The following are cash rates.
Credit/Debit cards incur an additional 4% charge.
All prices are listed in Chilean Pesos (US Dollars shown for reference and change according to exchange rates)
and include Chile's 19% IVA (Tax).
Rates are per person.
Click here to make a reservation
Daily Rate Beyond 1 Week
8-Bed Dorm 5.000CLP (US$11.00) 10% Discount
6-Bed Dorm 5.500CLP (US$12.00) 10% Discount
4-Bed Dorm 6.000CLP (US$13.00) 10% Discount
Private Single 8.500CLP (US$19.00) 10% Discount
Private Double 7.500CLP (US$16.50) 10% Discount
Private Triple 7.000CLP (US$15.50) 10% Discount
Please Note: Beyond 1 week is 6 or more days. To receive discounted rates,
payment must be made in advance and with cash only.