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Krishna HallEasily the best place for lunch in Santiago is at the Hare Krishna house located just 5 blocks from the hostel. Since itís prepared by the Hare Krishna, itís all vegetarian food. The standard lunch is a plate of food with rice and simple salad accompanied by the main course that is cooked for that day and a simple but tasty drink for just 1.000CLP. Thatís less than US$2.00!!! The catch? You have to wash your own dishes after you eat but itís a small thing considering the excellent food that you get for so little money. If the regular lunch doesnít interest you, or you just need a snack, they also offer single items such as fabulous veggie empanadas, veggie hamburgers and desert items. Just donít show up too late as they only make a limited amount of food. Once they run out, usually about an hour after lunch starts, thatís it!

Mon - Fri from about 1:00PM / Sat - Sun from about 2:30PM
Charles (me) goes here just about everyday. If you would like to go with him, just let him know.
Map to Hare Kishna HouseHare Krishna Patio