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Starbucks Coffee
LogoOk, so I think that I need to point something out first. This is in no way meant to be a plug or advertisement for Starbucks. As it is, I don't even drink coffee anymore (bummer!). If you've traveled much around the world, many countries have their respective good coffee. Even the USA, home of the like them/hate them Starbucks, has many other better options.

The problem though, is that we're in Chile (not really a problem, it's just the coffee thing). Find a small restaurant somewhere, sit down and order coffee, and they'll come back with a cup of hot water or milk (in the case you ordered café con leche) and a small packet of Nescafé, the spite of good coffee lovers around the world. Even if you can find a place that has an actual espresso machine there's no telling what kind of coffee they're using (usually some cheap crap) or if they really know how to use the machine. Maybe Starbucks isn't the best coffee in the world but here in Chile it's a godsend. And unlike in the USA, the Wi-Fi is actually free here!

Starbucks has 2 locations in downtown Santiago, both on the same street and only about 5 blocks from each other. The first and closest is about half a block from the back plaza of the Palicio de la Moneda on Agustinas and the other is farther up the street just before the street ends at Cerro Santa Lucia.

What I usually recommend to my coffee drinking guests on their way to Santa Lucia is to stop and get a coffee and then take the side road entrance to the hill, avoiding the front entrance. It's a nice quiet old cobblestone road that winds up to the top of the hill. On the way back down, they can exit through the front and do the standard photo-op thing if they need to. There is also a shop in just about every mall (Santiago has loads) and many in the uptown districts but for a tourist, there's not much reason to go there.

Coffee Map